Monday, August 6

Fun with the Ocasio Family

We have had some visitors at “my” house this week... which if you have seen Jessi's blog you would know hehe.... well I just have to say how much I enjoyed hanging out with them and laughing with (at ) them! It was great to just enjoy each other. AND I didn't even get to see them all that much between work and work meetings I stayed pretty busy while they were here... I do need some beach time (thanks Becky for calling me a polka dot!) but alas I was working while they were at the beach... so if anyone would like some beach time let me know and we will plan it! Let's see highlights of the weekend for me~~~~

Walking downstairs on Friday and everyone saying We didn't know you were home???? (Literally 4 times in 5 minutes!)

Everyone piling on Jessi's bed when she was the last one up... alas we missed her but we were waiting when she came back into the bedroom!



Tori teaching us how to make bracelets and being oh so patient with me and my earring attempts!

Watching Les do Tori's Hair and makeup... She was having so much FUN!


Just talking and enjoying people.


Walmart trip with Sam Tori & Jessi! One hour and we were done! Beads and Picture Disks~

Watching Ms. Liz enjoy her family those here and the Ocasio's too!!!

If ya wanna see some more pics check out Jessi's site~!


Iturblog said...

Cute pic! But now I'm craving pancakes and brownies! Gotta stop reading your blog when I'm hungry! :)

Unknown said...

It really was a fun weekend. :) I loved every minute of the insanity. :)