Wednesday, September 12

GO Gators

Well I know it has been awhile... I have a couple of posts I have been working on just haven't finished to post but I just had to acknowledge the begining of football season a week and a half ago. For those of you who don't know I love football! I love watching games and enjoying the playful banter that goes along with it! I just had to post this cutest picture I took the other night. More to come!


Unknown said...

I have been wonderding if you were going to update soon! What a cute pic of E and B. Thanks for sharing it with us! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Ok, while I DO think E and B are cute regardless of what they're wearing (just think, they could be even CUTER in garnet and gold!!), this was NOT what I had in mind for a post! :) I think you should change the title to "go AWAY gators"! :p

Anonymous said...

Megan Nellie!!!!!!!

CUTE pic Kendra! Thanks for sharing it! Glad to see you are back! :) I love you! AND....GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!