Saturday, October 27


Well while L&R celebrated their anniversary... I got to hang out with Bubbaroo & Sweet Pea. We had a blast! We made smoothies for breakfast... a fun treat involving a trip to walmart early in the morning. I also made eggs (w/yolks) and cheese toast that was as Bubbaroo told me (*and his momma) were better than daddy's. I told him it was just different because I put butter under the cheese, but I was excited that they liked it. We then took a trip to Mossy Head and were able to see the Green's new home and then we took a bike ride. There were plenty of hills and it was a very fun and challenging ride. I felt like every other sentence was "yes you can do it just keep peddling." All I wanted to say was can't never could :) Well after this fun and busy saturday we made Gator cupcakes and prepared to have Ms. Jessica and Ms. Evelyn over to watch the football game and hang out. It was a fun and enjoyable weekend. I love these kiddos!
Here are a few pics from out day!

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Anonymous said...

Awh...I am so glad our children have YOU! And I am so glad that Jess & Evie could come enjoy time in our home. We were so blessed to get away together for our anniversary. You are so good to us...much better than we deserve! :)