Saturday, February 16

B-Rad's Going Away Party

Well Brad is moving ... we had a going away party for him this past sunday night... it was really nice to fellowship with everyone and to listen to everyone encouraging him. He has been here a long time and for the past few years he has been a real leader in our Solus group. What a blessing he has been! He has served our group and our church amazingly and is just honest about who he is and what he thinks. That is a great thing to see in those around you and helps us all to be real. We will truly miss you B-Rad!!

As everyone went around and offered evidences of grace and such I had thought of what I would say and then of course when I started to speak open mouth insert foot... and I have gotten teased about it all week one of those things I will probably not live down for awhile ahhh such is life. So anyone what to share an open mouth insert foot moment... not one of mine even though there are plenty and many that many of you could share! Seriously though I am so glad that I can laugh at myself... it is good for me and I think *hope I responded better to this chance at humbling myself than I have in times past. I have not always been able to laugh at myself that is probably part of the reason I stick my foot in my mouth so often! So does that mean I can thank God for using my big mouth in my sanctification process... I can today!


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

AWH....We will all miss Brad. He is such a sweet man! :) Thanks for sharing the pics.

Unknown said...

I miss Brad already!! ;(