Saturday, February 9


Megan & Sweet Pea in 2007

Today is MEGAN's Birthday... since she is out of town for a while visiting family with her sweet boys and she usually checks this blog I thought I would post a HAPPY BIRTHDAY message on here!!! Megan I hope your time away is great... you are such a blessing and encouragement to me and our church... I am so glad that we are apart of the same caregroup and can grow and share together!!! I miss you!


Anonymous said...

Awe! You're so sweet! Thanks KP! I had a great day-so glad I checked your blog tonight! :) I can't see the picture :( and knowing what a great photographer you are I'm sure it's a good one! I miss you too! You are such a joy to be around! Thanks so much for the sweet surprise! :)

Anonymous said...

Awe!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. Megan!!!
Hope you had a GREAT day!!!! We are so glad that you are part of Crossway!!! We love you and your family!!!
~The Smith Girls

Anonymous said...

Look at that SWEET friend and CUTE girlie with her Ms. Megan! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN MEGAN...we love and miss you! :)

Iturblog said...

Yay I can see the picture now! Boy was I sunburned! Come to think of it, it was most likely windburn. 'Member being at the church picnic the day before. Don't remember much sun but COLD and wind! Good times! Thanks for the picture. Mind if I "steal" a copy? :D Miss you!