Saturday, February 9


The Super Bowl was a fun night of fellowship hosted by the Warnicks (a family from my church) They went all out when setting up and it was definetly fun! It was very nice to relax and fellowship with everyone and to enjoy football. Even though I don't follow the pros much anymore(okay not really at all) I did grow up watching all the Kansas City Cheifs games and doing the Schottenheimer PolkA(circa 1994 okay)... but since the Cheifs are not in the Superbowl I didn't really follow it too much and I even spent the first half of the game hanging out in the kitchen and watching the food network in the Den with some amazing youth girls from our church... these girls are way smarter than I was at their age! I did click some great pictures of the room divided between Giants fans and Patriots fans in the 4th qtr!!! And Jessica and I played with my camera a bit... no one complained about the flashes but we were talking in the no talking room... thank you all for not kicking us out~!

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Anonymous said...

Great pics.
We weren't supposed to talk in that room? Oh yes...all chitty chat for the kitchen- my bad!
E will want that pic of her & Katie as B will want the one of him & all the boys. :)
Thanks for sharing! LOVE YOU!