Saturday, March 1

A Bunch of Birthdays!!!!

Okay so between the months of January and February there were 5 Birthdays in the Delgado Family...


So there have been 5 celebrations (though I missed Hector's SORRY!) It has been great to celebrate the lives of these people in my life. ;) Here are a few pics from the parties I haven't posted from and also from a family night we had last weekend. It is so great when we can get together and fellowship with each other... we seem to run in different directions most of the time like ships passing in the night. Jessi & I joke about the fact that we live across the hall and don't see each other all week if we have seperate activities going on. Sometimes this reminds me how easy it is to not be purposeful in the relationships God has given us in our own household. I have been freshly convicted to pursue those who are the closest to me in vicinity as well as those closest in heart and purpose. Thank you ladies who love and teach me much! I am looking forward to seeing so many of you at Titus 2 Tuesday!

Family Night Everyone works together to get the pizza toppings ready!

Sophia calls this "Italian Cheese" ;)

Giyi & Mr. Hector making their Pizzas.

Little Man & Dan Playing with a paper airplane


Dan's Birthday



Giyi's Cake


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

I missed this one. You gotta keep things in order for me. I was all confused when I found this. But I know you often begin but don't finish a post!
I will let it slide!
I LOVE YOU...cute pics!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...
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