Thursday, May 1

My Caregroup Ladies

SURPISE!!!! Happy Birthday Lisa!!


After... The remains

Group Shot!

I love these women. They are all an inspiration to me in one way or another. Tonight we were able to Surpise Lisa J. with a birthday party and it was such a relaxing and enjoyable time. We have had sporadic times together as of late so for us to be able to do this tonight was such a blessing. Thank you to everyone who worked to make this posssible! You ladies are a gift to me.

Lisa thank you for the many ways you serve all of us ladies. I hope that you were encouraged~

Enjoy these few pics of a great time! Fondue was so fun and yummy.

We missed you Megan! I can't wait for our girls night when you get back! Know you are included in the list of women who inspire me~!


Anonymous said...

Awe! Looks like you had a great time!!! Happy birthday Lisa! We love you!!! ~Lynette :)

Anonymous said...

yay! I am so glad you had a wonderful evening! Happy Birthday Ms. Lisa! Love you bunches!

Iturblog said...

Awe! I was so sorry to have missed this! :( SO glad you got to surprise Lisa tho' [she really had NO idea did she? :)] and had a great time even without me! :D ALL the women in the picture inspire ME too! God has truely blessed me by allowing me to be in caregroup with you all! Thanks for your kind words and the way you serve others. I'm looking forward to May 16th too! :) I LOVE the group shot, but who took the picture? Such BEAUTIFUL seeing all those smiling faces! So glad I'll be able to attend caregroup next week-have missed it SO! See you Sunday, God willing!


Unknown said...

Oh how fun! Happy Birthday Lisa! I miss all you ladies so much! The pictues are great!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Great pics...almost makes me want to be in YOUR CG instead of my AWESOME group! :)

Great women! Lisa J. is a blessing...HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!

And Megan we do so miss you!!! See you soon!

Thanks for sharing Kendra...and I am guessing you had the timer on your camera....looks like you jumped on the couch behind others!!! :)

Love you

Iturblog said...

But the couch is against the wall Lisa Mae! She looks way to comfy to me to have just jumped there. My guess is someone else took the picture. Maybe Shellywq22222 was there and took it? Gonna keep us (me) in suspense KP? :)

Iturblog said...

LoL sorry about the typo. Jer hit some keys JUST as I clicked publish! :) Those are his "two cents" I guess!

Kendra said...

Well thanks Jer for leaving me a comment too! Yes Megan you are right Shelly was there and she took the pic so we could all be in it! ;)
Love you ladies! ;)