Sunday, August 31

Oregon Trip Post #1

Well I am here in Oregon my first trip to the west coast and let me tell you one thing I was not prepared for it is COLD! Now I was prepared for it to be not as Hot as FL after all it is a little further north but I was not prepared to be shivering in my jacket at the fair last night. It reminded me of when our church had a family fun day last year in April and it was unseasonably cold that day... it threw me off!

Anyway... I am here to visit with my sister and her family. I was able to meet my niece for the first time (Daisy) and hang out with my nephew (Silly Boy) who I am excited to say took to me right off. The last time I saw him was over a year ago and it took a little while for him to warm up to me so I was prepared that he wasn't going to be excited to see me but YEAH he was. He and I have played and laughed and we danced together at the fair. *He even asked where I was at one point. What a blessing!

My brother in law Junior picked me up from the airport on Friday night and at that point I was pretty confused as to what time it was. I had been in and out of a few time zones(Central to Eastern to Mountain to Pacific) and I kept forgetting what time it was where I was and at home. We got to their home and I sat and talked with my sister and a friend who has been visiting her. On Saturday we set out for the Oregon State Fair and enjoyed playing games, food and all of the booths.. I saw a group taking SR pictures for someone and it gave me some great ideas for when the fair comes our way. I also saw something I hadn't seen before (*if we have them in FL please feel free to correct me)the state troopers here ride bicycles, I thought it was pretty cool but definetly different. I had to take a picture to commemorate. Okay well I am up way before everyone here so I thought I would post. More to come from my trip but it may be when I get home. I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend!

I love baby feet!

Juanita, Silly Boy, Krystal & Daisy

Silly Boy & I

Krystal & Daisy


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Daisy is too stinkin' cute!

Anonymous said...

Cute pics. I'm glad you had a great time with your sis. :)