Saturday, September 6

Happy Birthday BUBBAROO!!!!

Today is Bubbaroo's 7th Birthday... wow amazing to think that it has been 7 years since he was born. I am posting some pics that show his "wild and Crazy" side. I love to have fun and play with him. He makes me laugh and smile.

One of my favorite memories happened when he was about six months old... I had come home from work and he was sititng in the living room on the floor and when he noticed I has walked in the room he turned and got very excited and reached up to me... my heart melted. I love this little man.

Will post more later after we make his dessert :) He chose Dirt this year... for more info see here this is his birthday post from last year! ;)


Anonymous said...

Awe! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! Love you bunches!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Awh...I love this post!!! :)
I soooooo still want that pic of him in his FAVORITE yellow shorts!
I love you. We had such fun with you this weekend! :)