Saturday, December 27

Pre Christmas Activities

So I finally downloaded pics from the past couple of weeks.
Lets start with drawing names for stockings with the Blackmans... we started this last year (I think) instead of one person stuffing everyone's stockings we each draw a name and stuff one. It is fun to find little things to put in for your person. :) This year with Ryan's Sister Darlene and Lisa's sister Lucretia & family here it made it more fun with to guess who had whose stocking as they were opened. Here is the FL contingency drawiing names a couple of weeks ago. :)

Leslie's Church Christmas program with tons of beautiful music and a focus on worship was a blessing to get to experience. It was nice to visit with the whole Delgado Clan and all of Dans family too!

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Iturblog said...

What a good idea about the stockings! Will have to try that next year!