Sunday, February 15


Hugs can tell you you are someone very special.
Hugs can make you smile just when you need it most.
Hugs can let you know someone's listening and they care a lot too.
Hugs can let you know there is someone you can always count on.

Just a little reminder that we all need hugs to grow. ;) Thank you for everyone who shares hugs with me. I know there are some days when I just need an extra one or two may I be mindful that those around me have those days too. Especially those who may not be particularly huggable. It is a way that we can show Christ's love to those we see everyday.

Give a hug today to let people know you care. Just my thoughts for today.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am hugging you today Kendra! I miss you, my friend!!! :-)