Wednesday, April 15

Happy tax day hope everyone is done and not waiting in lines at the post office today :-)


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

YUCK....I have never really had to deal with taxes. A bit spoiled I guess. YOU will have to do my taxes if my hubby goes to be with the Lord before me! :)

I love you

Iturblog said...

Tristen and I went to the post office the other day (to mail a package for my sister's birthday), and it wasn't until I overheard someone mention taxes that I realized why the line was so long! I had forgotten since we filed ours back in January (gotta love Tax-Slayer, easy and FREE-I bet even you could do it, Lisa Mae.). I guess some people still wait 'til the last minute, which I don't really understand. We try to file as soon as Danny's papers are in so we can get our refund!

Hope you had a great birthday Kendra! Tristen was asking about you today. He remembered that you have the same birthday as Auntie. We sure miss you!