Thursday, July 30

Me? REALLY? Are you sure?

Okay so the past week has been a little trying and tiring… Last week my digital camera was stolen. At first I really just tried to think of it as it’s not a big deal because it is just a thing and I still have my film camera and I was given a vintage camera that I could try and start using too. All that is true but I still felt down about it. Most times I really try to have the outlook of if someone takes something from me they must need it more than I do. I had just had some fliers printed for my photography business and taking pictures with film has more of a daily expense including processing and purchasing the actual film (which has gone up in price and down in availability). I have been hoping and looking towards really pursuing my photography more and hoping to someday use it as a means of support for myself instead of just a hobby. So all these things put together plus work stress had made for some long days this week.

Due to the manner in which my camera was stolen I had an offer to replace it, well here comes the circular details they don’t have my exact camera in the area at any store so either there would be a cost to ship it or I would need to get the next step up. Well that was taken care of by the offer but when I went to purchase it there was only a $159 difference for the Canon T1i (15.1) and this one has video as well as other features and was on sale. So I ordered my new camera this morning. A camera that is 2 steps up from the one I had and with extra features that will help me in the future and be fun too and the cost to me was minimal.

So now come more feelings… I feel bad because something bad happened and I get the better end of the deal??? I was talking to Ms. Liz last night and I am just overwhelmed by the fact that God ALWAYS takes care of me above and beyond, there are so many instances in my life that God does that! Seriously who gets something stolen from them and then is blessed with something so much better?

I was talking to Jess and her answer to this question was: umm... you?

Wow me again?

I remember thinking when I was a teenager that enough bad stuff had happened and I knew God would work things for good for me (I mean His word says so right!! Romans 8:28) but now some 10 plus years later I feel so undeserving and overwhelmed by how Good He is to me in so many things. It was never that I thought I deserved it only that at that time I thought there had to be some scale of good to bad, I guess I still think that to a degree because I feel like the scale of my life is way more good than bad.

Sometimes it is easy to look at our lives and think of what we are “missing” or what we want, I have so many things in my life that bring me Joy and bless me in so many different ways big and small. This experience has just been a path of WOW really God? REALLY??

I am so not deserving, but I am blessed again.

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