Saturday, August 15

Old photo

Just had to share this old photo from my Grandparents 50th Anniversary celebration that my Aunt Pat emailed me yesterday! Can you find me? **Double click the photo to see it full sized :).

Over 20 years ago and I remember it... one of my favorite memories of the night was dancing the polka with my dad at the party/reception. If you look closely each of my grandparents 9 children had different colored ribbons in their corsages and their family's corsages matched. So you can tell who belongs to who... maybe :)


Iturblog said...

Ooh I love old photos! Are you the girl in the blue plaid dress...looking all cute off to one side? Thanks for sharing this!

Iturblog said...

I looked again at the photo to double check and still think I made the right choice. The girl looks like she has your smile! I like the corsages-what a nice idea!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

YEP....Blue dress! Megan got it!

Kendra said...

Yep the blue dress is me :) My mom loved that dress! The boy in front wearing yellow pants is my brother Jay and the boy to the right of me in the grey pants and red tie is my brother Hank. My mom with her fro-ish hair is in the upper middle of the picture (wearing a white dress with black belt that looks eerily similar to some styles I am seeing lately) and my dad is right behind her.

:) Love the old photos! :)