Monday, September 28

Another Update

Sorry for the mute weekend it was SUPER busy with some special family in town but I will save that for another post just wanted to give you an Update on Wayne I spoke with his daughter earlier and she said he is doing great... in pain but he was up and around today and the doctors are even talking about letting him go "home" tomorrow. (Home is an apartment not too far from Duke) YAY!!! Thank you all for your prayers! He will still be up in NC for awhile doing physical therapy and doctors appointments but I know he is so glad to be on this side of the transplant.

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Rabens Family said...

Praise the Lord! I am sure he will be thrilled to leave the hospital even if it is just to go to an apartment not his real home. We will continue to pray for his recovery and progress in physical therapy. Thanks for the update and can't wait to hear more about your busy weekend. ;)