Saturday, September 5


Guess what it's that great time of year again... that's right College Football! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!

If you are a college football fan I hope you are all ready to support your team this season.... you all know who I am supporting... I guess ALL that's left to say is



Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

WOOOO WHOOOO! I meant to tell you that Tim Bailey asked Ryan and I today if we were embarrassed by the whoppin' Gators put on CSU. UH, NOOOO!!!
GOOOOOO GAOTRS! I love these gator pics! :)

Iturblog said...

OW!!!!!!!!!!!! MY EYES!!!!! THE CLASH!!!! THE CLAAAASH!!!!!

Kendra said...


Megan you made me laugh out loud!!!
I love you & Miss you all you guys!!!