Friday, October 16

Cousin Visit

A few weeks ago *(I am really late in posting this sorry guys!) My cousin and her family came to the area for a wedding so the trip was made over to see them. I was OH SO EXCITED!!! April & I always have a ton to talk about and we hadn't seen each other in 4 years since my grandpa's funeral. Also this was my first chance to meet her sweet daughters (her oldest wasn't with her at the funeral). We had a great dinner on Friday night at a resturant on the beach and then took some pictures and hung out on Saturday. We tried beach pictures but by the time we got down to the beach it was just TOO bright and TOO hot. Ah September in FL right! April & I hung out and even walked over to the Walmart that wasn't too far away.

Going to Walmart is a family past time btw... we had a family dinner one year at Ryans and when we were done took a family trip across the parking lot with ~20 people to Walmart. It was one of my SIL Patsy's first times meeting ALL the family and I think her first indication that we might all be a little nuts. It happens to be part of our charm.

I am SO glad I got to spend time with and take some pictures of them.

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Iturblog said...

Cool! Glad you had a nice visit! Love the pictures! We miss you! Jer LOVES his towel from you and wants to use it after every bath-good thing there is a lot of laundry for me to do so it gets washed often! Hope you're doing well!