Tuesday, October 27


:( Does anyone know of a program to uncorrupt an SD card? I have a card with some personal pics on it that I REALLY want to get back but I have been unable to get any of the programs to work. I am willing to pay if I can find a program that will really work.

I did find a program that scanned the card (and showed me the lost pictures) and said if you see them we guarantee the program will recover them. It didn't work. At least I could see them that is a great thing.

I also found a program that will recover deleted files REALLY well so if anyone ever has accidentally deleted pictures off an SD or any kind of camera memory stick/card this program works and it is FREE! Recuva. As long as the card has not been reformatted since the deletion.

I have learned much about prevention of corrupted files. One big thing is formatting your card before you use it the first time and every time you clear it.

If anyone knows of any programs I would really appreciate any information! Thanks!! :)

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Iturblog said...

Awe, so sorry this happened! Hope you were able to find a way to get them back!