Monday, November 9

Hurricane Ida?

I just keep singing in my head

Where in the world is Jim Cantore? (to the tune of Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego).

That may be telling my age hmm...

Well happy Hurricane watch everyone!! Stay safe and as dry as possible. I am currently enjoying the nice breeze and cooler air out! ;)

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Iturblog said...

Will be praying that you fare well during the storm!

Just had to come on and tell you that Jer prayed for you tonight before bed. He said: "Please help me not to cough and...please help Ms. Kendra not get Jesus name I pray, Amen." He hasn't been sick or even coughing lately so I'm not sure where that came from! Just wanted you to know that you were thought of and prayed for! :) Hope all is well with you!