Sunday, January 31


Love how the Clemson player is in the air and almost appears to be floating.

Perrish Cox from OK State. He did a good job and glad I caught this catch although he had a really good play in the first quarter I missed getting on film.

Riley Cooper

Zac Robinson or Blue Eyes as one of the fans behind us kept calling him. OK State Quarterback.

Tim Tebow he was a crowd favorite no doubt!

I have some neat pictures of Tebow and Robinson in action just have to get them uploaded and I have some fun editing ideas~!

It was so FUN... I totally enjoyed the whole day... Lamberts where I had super yummy Chicken Fried Steak (couldn't finish it and had to leave it behind since we were on our way to the game. I think they need to have half orders.)

Great time at the game although it was COLD and the South lost... these are the 4 players we were most closely watching although Chris knew a good bit about a lot of the players.

I learned a lot about the draft and how it works and enjoyed watching all the guys play.


Joia said...

Kendra, I am So impressed with these sports shots! Great pictures, very clear, and close up! Good job! =0)

Rabens Family said...

I agree with Joia that the sports shots are great, but my favorite shot was the one of you and Chris. ;) Looks like you guys had a great time together.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Agree with Joia & Brittany.
GREAT shots. Love that Tebow.
Silly girl...if it was COLD you take the good in the car! :) Glad you got to enjoy the game!

Kendra said...

Thanks Ladies, I love all the pics the sport shots were so much FUN!! Love my Lenses!~

I took way too many pics but hey that is how you get good ones right.

I really like the pic of Chris & I not bad for being taken with my cell phone, what a GREAT day. :)