Sunday, February 14

Valentines Day Cake

Rainbow Cake 005 hearts

So I took this....

Rainbow Cake 014

And a couple of sweet helpers....

Rainbow Cake 015

And we made this...

Rainbow Cake 018

And when you cut into it this is what you see....

Rainbow Cake 017

I got the receipe here from MckMama... It really wasn't difficult it took a little time and the people at worked loved it... I did too it was OH SO YUMMY!!!!

Okay Brittney I can see one of these in your future! :) A lot of people said it would make a great Easter Cake!


Rabens Family said...

I LOVE it! You know me too well. I am so doing that for Easter. Thanks for the cool idea. What FUN! I hope my little helpers are as helpful as your bigger helpers. ;)

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

I think all of you should know that she used the 88 cents boxed cake mix for this and it was so DELICIOUS!!

I can't wait to make one...for something. Maybe I will tweak it just a bit and make one for St. Patty's Day! Look forward to seeing your cake Brittney!

Thanks for letting E and B help and thanks for sharing with us Kendra! :)