Wednesday, June 9

Single Digits

YAY! :) We are in the single digits till the wedding and things are looking great!

I haven't really been stressed throughout this process, YAY for short engagement.

I was told part of it is that I am task oriented too, I like checklists and marking stuff off so I have been looking at my list and making sure that things are checked off regularly. (I was also told this is probably why they like me at my job... I don't like leaving things undone... well something I guess.)

I am so excited for Family to start coming in (his and mine) in just a few more days and to get to enjoy time with them and the activities of the week, but oh so much more excited to be his wife :)

For the rest of this week we will be celebrating graduation!!! Can't believe Miss Sohpia is finishing her 3rd year here and graduating!!! So excited to celebrate with her, but also a little sad to see her go back home.

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Rabens Family said...

Single digits.....YEAH!!! Take time to enjoy every minute of it.