Wednesday, January 19

7 Months In

:) I am a very blessed woman, I am the wife of a husband that when I ask him if something I am doing for sentimental reasons makes me silly he responds "no you are just being Kendra" He GETS this part of me, and that makes me feel very special. (And I think he secretly enjoys the sentimental stuffs). So there! For our 7 monthiversary I did one of these "silly" sentimental things and got a small cake and a #7 candle. It is important to celebrate the little moments. Right? So we ate cake and then watched a movie. Just a little peek into our exciting day, that really wasn't so exciting but special none the less.

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Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

YAY! I LOVE IT! The little moments are really the BIGGEST things in life...or so I tend to think!
I love you Kendra. Way to bless Chris!