Monday, February 28


There's something in a simple hug
That always warms the heart;
It wecomes us back home
And makes it easier to part.

Jill Wolf

I think my hug quota is low... was thinking yesterday I really need more hugs, which means I probably need to be giving more hugs. So for the next week my goal is to give hugs to at least 3 people per day. Hmm in order to meet this I may weird out my coworkers a bit. I think I can do it!


Rabens Family said...

I know two little girls that would love a Mrs. Kendra hug. I would take one too. ;) Sending you many (((HUGS)))!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

I know 3 folks out West who would LOVE to fill your quota!

Great quote. My hug quota is low too!

YOU owe me (and I owe you!)
Gonna borrow your 3 family members may get sick of me! ;)
LOVE and MISS you!

Iturblog said...

I want a Kendra hug! Thanks for the reminder to hug more often. I especially should take the opportunity to hug my children more often. They're growing so fast!