Saturday, October 27

Another September Birthday

Well there was one more birthday celebration to attend in the month of September... it was for my best friends father in law. Their family has been a precious gift from God to me over the past 8 years or so. They have welcomed me in to countless family gatherings (including birthdays!) so much so that I feel like I am apart of their immediate and extended family. They are a family that opens up to others and just loves on people. I have enjoyed and been blessed by learning from how they relate to one another and by being a part of this family. I love them so much and thank God that they have all been a part of my life.... well here are a few pics from the birthday celebration... oh and don't forget if you are at a chinese resturant and it says hot... it means HOT! That should be in a fortune cookie I think :) hehe.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of fun in September. Think it is my favorite month of the year! Mom is gonna get you for the HOT comment you know!?
Thanks for sharing the pic...Mom & Dad love having you in their family! :)