Saturday, October 27


My sweet nephew who I will call Squirt celebrated his first birthday last week way too far away from me! I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and I LOVE YOU!!! Here are a few pics... a couple I took off his momma's page.

BTW... I gave him the nickname Squirt after Finding Nemo since his parents have had the nicknames of Dori & Nemo since before he was even thought of!


Anonymous said...

Awh...he is so cute. SQUIRT fits him well! :) I just love that pic of the family in stripes. Happy Birthday Squirt, one day I will have the pleasure of meeting you! :)
Hey J & S...hope all is well for you all...far, far away!

Iturblog said...

Awe! What a cutie! That smile he has is SO sweet! You sure have cute nieces and nephews!