Friday, November 2


I have a sweet new niece born this past week!!! YEAH!! I have given her the nickname Daisy on here. In case you haven't noticed all the girls have nicknames of flowers and the boys well they get whatever pops in to my head (or into my friends heads when I am racking their brains!!) Anyway I digress my new niece :) She weighed 7 lbs 1 oz and is 20 inches long and she was also born on Our 1st cousins birthday! The Pics are Daisy and her mommy, My Sister :) And Daisy with her daddy and Big brother Silly Boy.
Isn't she beautiful!
I can't wait to meet her though it will probably be awhile, ah the joys of living so far away. It gives us something to look forward to!
Well I hope everyone is getting ready for a great weekend enjoying some fall weather!


Anonymous said...

sweet Daisy!!! Look at all of sill boys' curls!! Daddy look tired!

Unknown said...

Awe! She is adorable . . . so small! I was wondering if your sis ever had her baby! She was pregnant when she was here visiting you. I am very happy for you Auntie Kendra!

Iturblog said...

Awe how precious! She is adorable! Congratulations to your sister and to you!