Wednesday, December 19

Christmas Tree Hunters

Well our yearly search for a Christmas tree this year took us to lands unknown… well actually it was a tree farm about 45 minutes away where we ran through the yearly process of finding a tree we like then looking around for another hour before we come back and get the original tree. It was such a fun experience this year since Titi & Evie were able to come with us along with ours (& Titi’s) Exchange Students. It was a fun time and a great chance to learn more about what their Christmas is like in Korea. Afterwards we went home to complete the tradition of decorating and eating cookies & drinking hot chocolate. We put the decorations up in record time this year… many hands make light work, with even the cute Little Man joining in the fun!
The only thing missing this year was Dan... he was off hunting (animals not trees).

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Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! Esp. C's tree. He is too funny. Hey I need a time for Christmas Eve!!! Thanks for sharing these and I really like the polaroid/written on look. That is how we did it back in the day we knew no better about photos!!! :) Oopps...showing my age again!