Wednesday, December 19

CrossWay Progressive Dinner

This year for our annual Christmas Celebration instead of having our traditional adult party we had a wonderful progressive dinner. … It was so much fun and I was able to host with Lisa at the Browns Home… (THANK YOU TAMMY & JIM!!!!) while they are gone.
My night started out at the Balthazar Family home with appetizers and yummy cider! Then I came back to the Browns where dinner was in the oven heating up (THANKS TERRIE) We had Lisa Ryan & the kids, Terrie & grandson along with Stan & Adrienne.
It was so nice to sit and have a meal together and to fellowship. And then off to the “church” for Dessert and entertainment.
The Slideshow went off after a slight delay due to technical difficulties… if anyone has pics of all those of us who walked over to “fix” the problem I would love to see them!

I did take a picture that could have been very bad but it turned out cute and alright! I walked up on a little girl from my caregroup (age 1) drinking out of a coffee cup... I thought she just had water and it looks so cute so I snapped a picture... little did I know that she had picked up her mommy's coffee!!! I am just snapping away... thankfully the coffee wasn't too hot or her mommy saw what was happening just in time. GREAT Kendra just let the baby burn herself. (ah sigh)

Here are just a few pics along with the Menu (& recipes) from the night. Just click on the menu item to see the recipes we used.

Poppyseed Chicken

Pirogues (I buy frozen and just sauted onions and then pan fried them. I put mozzerella Cheese on top when baking them in the oven ~ 25minutes)

Green Bean Casserole (by Sweet Pea & Mommy)

Fruit Salad (by Bubbaroo & Mommy) (Cut up Fruit of your choosing and at last minute mix with cool whip... good light snack or addition to any meal) Lisa's recipe that only Bubbaroo & I could remember her making hehe!

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Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

YAY...I have ZERO pics from that night. It was a wee bit crazy with being out of our home, our Daddy's flights being delayed and me running late. But such fun. Did you get a pic of the tables all decorated at The Browns? You did a good job on them with my new plates...THANK YOU again!
I love you :)