Saturday, January 12

Hanging out at the Pritchetts

Well last Friday I was able to go a reunion of sorts and hang out with some of my friends from years past. When I first moved to florida I went to church with these people and credit that time as one God really used to grow and change me. I can see it as a real turning point in my spiritual walk. I worked with the youth at this church,though I was only 19 at the time. I can see how God really used this time to shape and grow me as He has in many other times as well. I was a part of a challenging "college & careers" ministry as well. On Friday we hung out at the Pritchetts house, they were the youth ministers at the church we were in together. We took turns looking at a scrapbook of the time we were together! WOW! definetly some pictures I would want to be gone!

It was great to hang out with some of the youth that were in the group at the time as well as some of the youth workers. I came away from the night not only having a great time and laughing but also encouraged by the biblical fellowship and the spiritual growth in the lives of so many.

I (of Course) took a good many pictures. One area of growth that makes me laugh and feel so old is that the Pritchett Children (one I remember as a baby) have grown so much. They are each individuals, who are growing and maturing spiritually. This famliy is also such fun! They are still working with Youth and their house was "rolled" while we were there by some of their current youth.

Enjoy the pics!

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Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

LOVE it...I wanna see Israel. Amazing how the boys all look the same, other than the LONG hair! :) Good times! Gotta love the Pritchetts! I need to get in touch with them!