Saturday, January 5

A New Years Party

Well a few days before New Years Tiff & I were talking and decided it would be fun to try and have a New Years Eve party... we had been talking about dressing up and having dinner and thought this might be a good time for it. Greg graciously agreed to let us use his house and Tiff sent out an E-Vite. We were not really sure if anyone would come and even had a plan B in place in case it didn't work out. Not that we were doubting... A little background I do not have much luck with the spontaneous planning I have to have a commitment early (timing changes depending on the event) but if it is too spontaneous I will usually talk myself out of it. So the invitation went out and by Sunday we had a good crowd who had RSVP'd (YEAH). We did a run to Sam's and Party City and we were set. This is one of the lowest stress events AND as an added bonus most people actually dressed up. We ended up playing games and hanging out. I really enjoyed the time of fellowship. THANKS to everyone who came and helped...probably the main reason it wasn't that stressful is that there were so many people to help. Many hands make light work. We did the traditional new years toast and all said at least one goal we hope to work towards in this coming year. There were a wide range of goals. Mine was that I need to be more consistent in my devotional life. It has been very up and down lately and I have made a commitment to make a it more of a priority. Please feel free to ask and challenge me in this when you see me when we email or on here. This is something I really want to grow in and I have been slacking on.
Well here is to the beginning of a new year... I am sure there are many challenges ahead but I am confident that there are an array of blessing we will all see in our own and each other lives this year. May we be quick to see the blessings and to trust God in the challenges.


Anonymous said...

yay! i had so much fun! Really the party is always better when the hostess is not stressed! :-D Thanks for planning it and working out all the details! That was so funny we had the same exact resolution!(SP?) :-D Anyways, I will try to help to keep you accountable to that! I hope you'll do the same for me! love ya!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

will tell you like i told the smith girls...we heard y'all.

i too will ask you ... and you ask me! 5 AM is my time of Word and prayer!

did you get up early for prayer and reading this morning?


2009 party at The Blackmans! :)