Sunday, December 28

Christmas Day

Christmas Day... Early morning with the Delgados... as always reading the Christmas story and lighting the advent candles. Then opening presents...This year we drew names and it was nice and we were able to enjoy singing together as we did last year.

Then I headed over to the Blackman's to open presents and spend time with them. Sweet Pea said "My Aunt Kendra always brings 2 presents for everyone because she loves to give gifts like me" (I actually try to give a piece of clothing and something fun. Fulfill a need as well as a desire so never just socks but sometimes socks and underwear are included with something fun.) It is very sweet to me that as she is growing up she is noticing things. She tends to notice things about people and pays attention to the litte details. I love watching that in her. I really enjoyed the time with everyone and then we headed up to P-Cola to visit with Ryan's family. I started feeling bad during the afternoon so I slept on Nana's couch while Sweet Pea & Bubbaroo watched Meet the Robinson. (Cory gave this to Bubbaroo for Christmas and when he opened it he yelled "Meet the Harrelsons" which is Cory's last name too cute.) Everyone played games first they played a Yatzee game and then after I got up it was a room with double games of uno. Gator Uno on one table and Uno Flash on another.
I wasn't feeling well the rest of the day so I ended up going to the Dr. on Friday and I am so glad I did. Antibiotics are a great thing and I am so glad God has given us the gift of Doctors and Medicine. I am still on the mend but I am hoping this is my day to feel great again!!! Which is also why there are so many blogs today... I am trying to rest so I figure working on Pictures is a good place to start. Enjoy below and more to come~


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

GREAT pics!
We enjoyed Christmas...and the days before and after...with YOU! :)
We love you

ReBenMyers said...

sounds like you had a blast despite being sick. God bless. Love you.

Iturblog said...

Awe! Such great pictures! WE MISS YOU! Hope you're feeling better!