Wednesday, February 4


Travis and Hilda (Dha) came to visit last week on their trip back after their traditional wedding ceremony in the Phillipines... it was very nice to see them (it's been over a year!)they were married in the states last year and were able to enjoy time with her family this year... how cool is that! We hung out and ate dinner and I took pictures of everyone playing animal crackers a game the Blackman's seemed to have mastered! (**Cory too!) Okay I also added some pics from E's basketball game the weekend b/4! ;) They brought me some Filipino coins as well as a bag that says "better to live in a small house" in a Filipino language. From what I understand the translation is that the small house is a home and the people who live their are happier than those who live in a big house. :) I just love catching people truly laughing :)

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Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

OH I need that pic of me and Bub!
I love that Boy! :)