Saturday, March 21


Yesterday was a great Friday :) I had a date with Sweet Pea and we had a great time out and about.

Her sand writing, I told her to write whatever she wanted and this was her first one ;)

I thought she did a great job on this picture of me after of course 3 shots laughing that she was cutting my head off and me out of the picture (on purpose).

An attempt at a self portrait between the sun and the fact that we were trying to do it quickly it turned out okay.

Watching the fishies ;)

Surfer girl

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Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

She didn't tell me all about the jetty's....some. I went to your pics and REALLY like a lot of them.
There is one in the rest. that looks like me, complete with her ball cap! :)
She had fun!
Thanks for investing in her!
I love you.