Tuesday, September 29

Flashback: 30 years ago today

30 years ago today was my parents wedding day.....

Debi & Jake were married in Missouri... she was 23 and he was 29

I had never seen (or probably remembered seeing!) My parents wedding pictures until after my mom passed away. My Grandma Plumberg found their proofs in a box after she heard me mention that I had NEVER seen them (I was possibly being a little overly dramatic at the time, I was 14). All the prints my parents had were lost in a fire when I was 6 or 7 but somehow the proofs had been left behind at my grandparents house when we had lived with them for a time after I was born.

I love this picture of them superimposed on top of their wedding certificate... I think it is because you can see their eyes so well.

I have a few memories of things my mom would tell us kids about their relationship... like the story of the night my parents got engaged. It was June 4, 1979 but I only know the date because of something else that happened that night... the roof of Kemper Arena collapsed. Especially significant because my parents lived in the Kansas City Area at the time. I remember my mom had kept a newspaper clipping from the next morning with an article on the collapse.

If I remember the story correctly I am pretty sure my mom also thought he was joking when he asked.

I love this picture because they are both laughing :) July 4, 1986 in Topeka, KS.

This is the last picture I have of my parents together... It was taken on July 4, 1993 at my Uncle Doyle & Aunt Julie's house. It might appear that my mom is talking with her hands and I have no idea who might also look very similar to that should a picture be taken of her talking.

They were married 14 1/2 years before my mom passed away. Sometimes I might start to wonder what would things have been like had my mom lived but then I remember that God knows what He is doing. When I am tempted to think what might have been I try to remind myself it is not what was meant to be. This beautiful winding road of life is made up of experiences we would never choose.

I remember when I graduated high school and my Uncle Tim came down to GA and we were talking about my parents. He said to me "no matter what else about your parents they loved each other". Of that I have no doubt. Through many tough times and many sick days they always ended up together. Life brought many things there way that they were not expecting. I cannot imagine trying to live through them without such a big God holding my hand. Today I am thankful for this day 30 years ago. I am so thankful to be able to see the joy, hope and love on their faces. I am thankful for reminders of how good God is and what a blessing it is to be able to love one another.

And I am thankful that we do not know what the future holds, I am freshly impacted by the knowledge that to not know is God's gift to us also.

Forgive me for my silly sentimentality but I figure since this is my blog and a journal of sorts it is the appropriate place to share.

Oh one last thing... I want to wish an early Happy Birthday to my cousin Tara... her parents missed my parents wedding because my aunt was in labor... HAPPY 30th Tara!


Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Great post Kendra! This was very interesting!!

Kendra said...

Thanks Wendi! :)