Wednesday, September 30

Wayne Update 9/30

YAY! I just spoke to Wayne and Wendy on the phone. Wayne said to say thank you for all the thoughts and prayers because he knows that they are helping.

He is doing well. They are hoping to be out of the hospital and back to the apartment soon. They originally thought yesterday would be the day but it hasn’t worked out quite yet. His daughter Wendy said they are looking at a monstrous pill box for the foreseeable future. Wayne said that he can definitely tell a difference in his breathing already. He doesn’t have to use the oxygen now!! For now it is just a process of healing and getting better. His stamina is down so he can't walk quite as far although he is up and doing "laps" everyday. The goal is 20 and he is up to 12 so far today. He is also SO happy to be on this side of surgery.

Please continue to pray for his healing and that he would be well enough to go home to the apartment soon.

It was definitely a day brightener to get to talk to Wayne and to hear his voice.
Praise God for his miraculous healing hand! I am amazed at the way the human body works and how God has created everything in it! And don't even get me started on how He has given doctors abilities and knowledge to work, His hand and provision are amazing.

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