Tuesday, September 15

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet girl! Cuddly, kind, giving. You have a servants heart and I love watching you live it out!

She's a Basketball Player

An Artist :)

Silly Girlie

Sweet Pea & Me going to a show.

And only because it is one of my all time favorite pics of her! :) Amazing what you can capture on a simple trip to Walmart.

I love you sweet girl!
Aunt Kendra


Iturblog said...

GREAT pictures KP! HAPPY BIRTHDAY E!!!!!!!!!

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

I almost posted that Black and white one on my blog. GREAT pics! She loved her time with you bowling and tonight over YUMMY dessert! :)

Love you

*I laughed "servant's heart" made me think of Tim Hawkins!