Wednesday, September 9

I admit it...

Okay so if you know me very well or have known me very long... I mean really either you might have noticed I have this thing...

Yeah we will call it a thing... I love numbers... and figuring out things to do with numbers and figuring out how dates and numbers can work together.

When I was growing up I can remember adding up the prices of stuff in the grocery store... it was a game with my mom to see how close I could get to the cost.

Go shopping with me now and I LOVE the clearence rack... not only do you find good deals but I also get to use my love of numbers to find out how much I am saving!!! 60% off 75% off and if it is Bealls outlet sometimes 95% off!!!

I have enjoyed my job for the past 6 years because I really like the numbers part of it and figuring stuff out too!

So why this seemingly random post on numbers...

Because today is 09/09/09 and that my friends is just really cool to me. I think it should be a red letter day or something. :)

Okay so everyday is special in its own way but that is super cool to me.

I remember my best friend(from middleschool)Crystal's birthday was 8/8/80. Guess what was really cool about that... yep she turned 8 on the 8th day of the 8th month in 1988. HOW COOL!

I like to figure out dates and numbers it is fun! I mean remember the email this summer about 12:34 & 56 seconds on 07/08/09. The time was 123456789!! I got it from a few different people and it was just really neat to me.

I have been joking with a few friends that if they have a baby next year maybe it will be born on 11/11/10 BECAUSE then the baby would turn 1 on 11/11/11.

And that my friends is the kind of strange thing that I sometimes spend my time thinking about.

Welcome to the strange world that is my mind sometimes. Thank you for visiting. Come again soon.


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Yep! This morning I thought "mmmm...9/9/09"
Later Ryan said, "Today is 9/9/09..and it is almost 9 afer 9!" Then a little later B was dating a paper and said, "wow, today is 9/9/09! That is cool. Fun to write!"

Great minds think alike! :)

Iturblog said...

I am there with you KP! I don't think it weird at all...Perhaps tho', because I am the same way! If it is indeed deemed weird tho', I'll gladly be weird with you!

Kendra said...

YEAH!!! glad I am not the only one out there! hehe :)