Wednesday, September 9

Birthday Celebration (Bubbaroo)

FUN Day :) Celebrating up at the camp ground... WARNING Long picture filled post!

Birthday Balloons... Always a tradition... there are 8 even though you can't see them all... He said "I knew you were bringing these"

Bennett's 8th Birthday01

Making Dirt :)
Bennett's 8th Birthday10

Sweet Pea Helps
Bennett's 8th Birthday14

Larissa helps too!

Bennett's 8th Birthday04

Dirt complete with Cowboys & Indians!
Bennett's 8th Birthday22

Paw Paw explains the conditions of the skateboard (pads worn at all times).

Bennett's 8th Birthday23

Ready to go with his gift from his Grandmama and PawPaw

Bennett's 8th Birthday25

Beautiful Girl

Bennett's 8th Birthday56

Me & The Kiddos
Bennett's 8th Birthday82

Family Pic
Bennett's 8th Birthday64


Bennett's 8th Birthday67

With Uncle Rick

Bennett's 8th Birthday81

Mama gets in on the fun by riding Sweet Pea's bike!

Bennett's 8th Birthday85

On the Dock

Bennett's 8th Birthday93

It may be Bub's Birthday but it is also the 8th Anniversary of when Sweet Pea became a sister, and what a great sister she is!

Bennett's 8th Birthday80

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the pics :)

1 comment:

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

You know, you make me look bad when you beat me to the punch with MY son's birthday pics!!! I have SOOOO many to go through! And now the bowling pics!

These are GREAT! :)

That bike ride was fun. Good thing it was down hill all the way to lake since I couldn't pedal!

Love you girl. See you Tues!