Thursday, September 24

Transplant (Prayer Request)

Some of you may remember I have blogged before about My boss Wayne who was to have a lung transplant at some point. Earlier in the year he headed to Duke and we thought he would have one then but was sent home (he wasn't quite bad enough yet). He has made a few trips up since then with the final one starting about 4 weeks ago when he began his Physical Therapy to prepare him for a transplant. He was officially listed on Monday and is as I am typing this going in to surgery. Please remember Wayne and his family in your prayers today. Pray that the surgery goes smoothly as well as his recovery. I have come to love this family though working with all of them for the past 6 years. I know that God has worked in so many ways throughout this process and will continue to do mighty things.


Rabens Family said...

We are praying for everyone. Thanks for letting us know and we look forward to hearing updates on his progress.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I stopped to pray! God was kind to give me an awesome picture of Wayne in his WMC polo and a huge grin! Keep me posted. Love you girl

Kendra said...

Thank you ladies... I will update as soon as I hear I had an update earlier that he was in surgery but no more word as of yet! Love you!