Tuesday, May 18

1 MONTH!!!!

So crazy that it is 1 month since we got engaged AND 1 month till we get married. I am so excited!!!

Planning has been going really well, I am amazed at how so many things have just fallen into place and so blessed by how supportive so many have been about the shortness of our engagement.

Honestly, I am so amazed at how God's hand has been on every aspect of this!

So many things are checked off the checklist and I really don't feel stressed about things just excited and ready for it to get here.

So here are a list of things that are done!


YAY!!!! I cannot wait to be this man's wife!

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Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

HE is a blessed man indeed! :)
We cannot wait either. We count it all joy to be part of such a special and blessed day.
WE LOVE YOU! Now, if I can just be as calm and peaceful as YOU in the midst of all the goings on!
(I am pretty sure most of mine isn't really about the wedding but more about not driving, buying gifts, leaving for CA soon after your wedding, etc.!)