Friday, June 11

Wedding Shower

Sweet Pea & Me

Karen Michelle & I

Lisa & I

Linda & Hannah

Gerber Daisies

Ms. Liz & I

Cool CAKE ! :)

adorable shot of Hali

Jeeyi & I

With Titi Nilda

Leslie & I

Mrs. D & Anna

Heather & Alyssa Came!!!

Beautiful Allen "girls" & I

Cake Table

Me with the Hostesses!

What an amazing blessing the shower thrown by these wonderful ladies was!! The time to sit together and catch up with so many was a nice and relaxing time and the food was great! Here are quite a few pics of the night. :)

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Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

I haven't been here in a while! WOW...look at all the pics! I LOVE YOU! Couting down with you! :) Pretty sure, other than MY OWN WEDDING, I have never been this excited about a wedding! :)