Tuesday, September 28


I am a little excited!!! (Understatement!) I get to go to the airport in just a few hours and pick up my awesome husband who has been away for the past 28 days. Can't wait to hug him and see his handsome face.

Okay a little mushy I know but I really am so excited for him to be home. I used the time he was away to organize and I am also excited about how our apartment looks, AND the weather this morning was SO great! Love those first feelings of fall in the air.

So to sum it up I'M SO EXCITED... (can't you hear me singing)

And just for kicks here's a pic from the honeymoon since I haven't shared any yet.


Rabens Family said...

I am sure that he is equally excited to see you!!! Enjoy your time together newlyweds. ;)

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

YAY! :) I hadn't been to your blog since you and I spoke last. SO glad he is home w/you!

LOVE The pic of you. NOTHING as nice as HONEYMOON days! :)

Iturblog said...

Awe! I LOVE this picture! Sorry you had to be apart from your man, but happy that he's home with you now! What a great wife you are, staying busy while he was away. I'm still so excited and happy for you!

The reason I'm here is because T asked about you and wanted to see your blog. When he saw the picture and I explained who Chris was, he said "Oh, do they have babies yet?" :)

Know that you're being missed and thought of...by all of us! :)

ReBenMyers said...

Yeah for hugging!!! I too get just as excited when Ben comes home, he's never been away quite that long. love ya.