Tuesday, November 16

It's Official...

We have moved... been in process for the past few weeks but the "big" move happened on Saturday (all our big furniture made it to the new house).

Now we are down to cleaning the old apartment and getting settled into "our" house which I am sure will take a bit of time, probably much longer than I would like!

Here it is, I especially like our kitchen and bigger master bedroom. It is so exciting to have our first house!

New Kitchen YAY!

And this... which led to the our first pet purchase

Picture of which to come :D Any Guesses?

***These are the realtor site photos so I will have to take some with "our" stuff in here once we get settled a bit more.


Rabens Family said...

How exciting! I am so happy for you guys. The house looks great. Can't wait to see pictures of it when you get settled. Have fun decorating! I wish we lived closer so that I could help. ;) BTW the girls can't wait to see a picture of your new pet fish.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

YAY! How fun. So excited for you & Chris. Did you buy a goldfish? B will be so excited. Can't wait to see your place but more importantly YOU!
Who had the honor of moving your HUGE desk? Sorry we weren't there to help!

Unknown said...

how wonderful Kendra! I am so happy for you and Chris. Your new home looks beautiful. When I saw the pic of the kitchen I couldn't help but think of all the yummy things you will create in there. I know how much you love being in the kitchen. It's just perfect for you! Enjoy making it your and Chris' home filled with many memories! Love and miss you girl!