Friday, January 7

Because of Isaac

I LOVE this picture... it is from Wendi's baby shower 2 1/2 years ago and when I look at it and see the Joy in Wendi's eyes it still makes me smile. I was blessed to meet Wendi & John 3+ years ago when we attended the same church and also the same small group.

We had a wonderful small group and we all just seemed to mesh together well, it was mostly military(or former)couples/families with a few others as well. At the time I started attending this small group I had no idea that I would eventually be a military wife and I am thankful I got to see some of what that looks like from the families in the group, but I digress. (Chris also ended up attending this caregroup too!)

During our time as a group we watched many of the families grow, two of them by means of adoption. One of those couples was John and Wendi, the story of how God has worked things in their lives has been a wonderful thing to watch and to see them respond to. You can read about their family's story on her blog.

I am telling you about this couple because they have started a wonderful new ministry and are trying to get the word out. Because of Isaac is a ministry to raise funds to help couples with the high cost of adoption. Please check it out here and consider giving to this wonderful cause! :)


Iturblog said...

Wow, hard to believe it was that long ago. We miss that caregroup so much! What a special family they are, and what an awesome thing they're doing. God is good!

Happy New Year to you! Miss you!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

THANK YOU KENDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!