Sunday, March 27

5K #1 (okay so it was an 8K)

So we have challenged ourselves to complete one 5k per month starting in February for at least 6 months.

So for our first we choose the Kiss Em to the Finish 5k... so on a chilly February morning Jess, Sonia and I went for it. Sonia ran and came in 3rd in her age division. (Show off) hehe just kidding, Sonia is more of a runner than I have ever been able to be.

Jess and I walked it and our goal was to complete it... and we did. Even though we were passed by an impressively in shape 80 year old that we affectionately referred to as "pocket granny".

This first race was a challenge to get more fit and get past that Holiday lethargy. I have been more pro-active in my exercise and Paxton and I have been taking many walks as the weather gets warmer. He is a great exercise partner!

Okay so here are pictures of the 1st 8k...

Pocket Granny passed us... nothing like being passed by someone 50 years your senior to humble you.

Us 3 ready to go!

Sonia and Jess being well Sonia and Jess :D

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