Sunday, March 27

Paxton's First 5k

Paxton and I competed in a Doggy 5k last weekend and it was a great time... I wasn't sure if he would be up for it but he did such a great job and was quite the competitive little guy. He loves big dogs and walks right up to them. Now when it comes to dogs his own size that is another story. Scroll down to see a picture of how he responds. We ended up 2nd in our division for walkers with a time of 47:20.

Paxton & I before the race.

Making friends wherever he goes.

Paxton laying down when a dog his size came up to say hi, he is a silly puppy.

It was a great experience for us both and I hope we can do more. I know there is one locally in October that includes dogs so I am sure we will sign up for that one for sure.

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