Sunday, March 27

5k #2

#2 in our monthly challenge that is. It doesn't count unless Jess and I both do it is what I have concluded. I am planning on doing a few more than just the 6 for our challenge because I am enjoying them so much and there are such great causes to support. Our Doggy 5k was in support of the American Cancer Society.

Our March 5k was to benefit the Fisher House. The Fisher House is similar to a Ronald McDonald House but it if for familys or injured or ill Military Members who are hospitalized.

Jess and I even got medals for finishing in the Top 10 of the Walkers. I was pretty excited that we improved on my time from last week and completed it in 45:33. YAY for us. We were trying to push ourselves and then it started raining in the last 3/4 of a mile. The rain and as well as not trying to let anyone pass us at the finish pushed us to get done quicker.

Here are pictures of our March Race:

Race Day Fritatta: Made with leftover Fajita stuffings, it was SO yummy.

My Race Partner

Pocket Granny started out in front of us, BUT we came into the finish line a few minutes before her. We seriously want to be like her when we grow up. She has done so many triathalons and does almost all of the local 5k's. She was in the doggy race last week and Paxton and I did pass her last week as well.

After the race, we were wet but SO glad that we finished and improved (MUCH) on our time from our first race this year (the 8K). We aren't sure exactly what our time was on the 8K but we were very close to the end of the race.

Jess getting her medal.

Jess & I with our medals.

(Side note when they said my name it took me a second and I said "OH That's me!" I love my new last name but it still takes some getting used to when I have had another last name for 30 years.)


Jill Truesdale said...

YAY!!! I completed my first 5k last year and I am itching to do another one. Hoping to find one locally for me soon :O) I walk mine too. Congrats to you!

Kendra said...

Thanks Jilly! :) Hope you find one! I use and it shows all the races coming up in a certain area.

Jill Truesdale said...

thanks i will check out that website!

Iturblog said...

How fun! Great for you two! I'm thinking of signing up for one near us in October. I haven't done one before, but you're inspiring me to try! I wish I had someone here to go with 'tho.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

YOU are too funny....MRS. WYLIE! :) Way to go!