Wednesday, March 30

Doggy Daycare

So we have been sending Paxton to Doggy Daycare 1-2 times per week. It gives him time to be outside and play, he gets to spend time with other dogs and he is really tired by the time I pick him up on my way home.

Here is photographic proof: On the way home from his latest trip to Doggy Daycare

They love him there and he has such a blast! He is so excited when he sees me put the Kennel in the car in the mornings.

Oh and yes that is his FAVORITE FL GATOR toy (shhh don't tell my Oklahoma State Fan that it's his favorite but it really is!) hehe

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Iturblog said...

Looks like the gator toy is his favorite because he likes to chew it up and attempt to destroy it! :)

>>>>------> GO 'NOLES!